Charlene and Josh

Photographing Charlene and Josh’s wedding at Snug Harbor in New York was a testament to the transformative power of love, even on a rainy day. Despite the weather’s unpredictability, the celebration unfolded in a tapestry of beauty, resilience, and the cozy embrace of Snug Harbor’s indoor spaces. The challenge of capturing the essence of a wedding on a rainy day was met with excitement. The decision to move the ceremony indoors added an intimate and warm touch to the event. Snug Harbor’s interior, with its classic charm and rustic elegance, became a haven where Charlene and Josh exchanged vows surrounded by the comforting embrace of their loved ones.

The indoor setting provided a unique backdrop for their love story. The soft glow of string lights and the rich wooden accents created an atmosphere that felt both timeless and inviting. The couple’s smiles radiated against the backdrop of the intimate space, capturing the genuine joy of their union.

The rain outside became a poetic backdrop, adding a touch of romance to the celebration. Every drop that tapped on the windows seemed to harmonize with the promises being exchanged, creating a melody that echoed the resilience of love in the face of unexpected challenges.

The reception continued in Snug Harbor’s cozy indoor spaces, where tables adorned with elegant decor and floral arrangements transformed the venue into a celebration of warmth and connection.

Dance floor became the heartbeat of the celebration. Charlene and Josh’s wedding at Snug Harbor was not just a celebration of love. It was a testament to the couple’s resilience, adaptability, and their ability to find joy in every moment.

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