Molly and Chris

Photographing Molly and Chris’s wedding reception at Pond House Cafe in Connecticut was a truly heartwarming experience, filled with love, joy, and the sweet melodies of a unique serenade. Although they had officially tied the knot a year prior, this celebration was a testament to their enduring love, and I felt privileged to capture the beauty of their special day.

The Pond House Cafe, surrounded by the natural beauty of Connecticut, provided an idyllic backdrop for this intimate celebration. The lush greenery and serene pond set the stage for an event that was as picturesque as it was emotionally resonant.

The reception unfolded with a seamless blend of elegance and warmth. The tables adorned with charming floral arrangements and soft candlelight created an inviting atmosphere, while the laughter and chatter of guests added to the lively ambiance. It was evident that Molly and Chris’s love had brought together a community of people ready to share in their joy.

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