Anthony and Julie

Photographing Anthony and Jolene’s wedding in the heart of New York City was a captivating journey through iconic venues that perfectly mirrored the grandeur of their love story. From the historic Astor House Venue to the modern charm of Rockefeller University cafe, every moment of their celebration was a testament to the beauty of romance against the backdrop of the city that never sleeps.

The ceremony at Astor House Venue was a nod to New York City’s rich history. The venue’s timeless elegance, with its ornate architecture and classic charm, set the stage for a ceremony that was nothing short of enchanting. Anthony and Jolene exchanged vows surrounded by the historic ambiance, creating a blend of old-world romance and contemporary love.

The transition to the reception at Rockefeller University cafe marked a shift in the narrative. The modernity of the cafe, with its sleek design and panoramic views, offered a fresh and vibrant atmosphere for the celebration. The juxtaposition of the two venues became a visual story of the couple’s journey—where history met the contemporary, and love bridged the gap.

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