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As a photographer deeply enamored with the artistry of weddings, I transcend the role of a mere documentarian. Instead, I become a storyteller wielding a camera—a seeker of authentic moments and emotions that encapsulate the very essence of love.

Love, in all its intricate manifestations, serves as my primary inspiration. I am captivated by the subtleties of human connection—the gentle intertwining of a couple’s hands, the laughter that gracefully illuminates their eyes, and the unspoken whispers that resonate profoundly. In each meticulously framed shot, my aim is to encapsulate not just the faces but the emotional tapestry of the heart.

Every couple, with their distinctive love story, transforms into a canvas where I paint with the play of light and shadow. It extends beyond the grandeur of photographing pivotal moments like vows, rings, and the first dance; it encompasses the art of capturing nuanced glances, shared laughter, and the silent connection that elevates an ordinary day into an extraordinary celebration of love.


With over a decade of experience capturing weddings, I recognize that each couple is distinctive, and every wedding holds its unique essence. Given the diverse segments of the day, my approach revolves around crafting a seamless fusion of editorial and photojournalistic styles throughout the wedding day.

To ensure undivided attention and dedication throughout the entire journey, from the initial inquiry to the final delivery, I deliberately limit the number of weddings I book each year. This guarantees that each couple receives maximum care and consideration during this special experience.

Xenia understood me so well! It seemed like she could really feel what I wanted and how I saw it.

Those shots came out great. Magnificent lighting, exquisite vision, and precious moments captured in timeless shots. We printed all of the photographs and made an album that makes me happy and always reminds me of that very special day!”

Ana and Julian

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